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All told, it is available at about 150 tech companies including Automattic, Docker, Medium, We Work, Qualtrics, and Zuora.

A recent flight of transgender users from Facebook to alternative networks like Ello drew headlines several weeks ago.

Rooms joins a host of other secondary apps recently created by Facebook, including Mentions, a Facebook for celebrities and other public figures released in July; Slingshot, a Snapchat-like service released in June; and Paper, a Facebook app simplified for a mobile device released in February.

In Random Chatroom, the chat conversation is completely anonymous, your chat partner can't see who you are in text chat.

You can make the chat rooms, you can invite your friends and you can talk about any topic you wish.

Anyone in the room can invite new friends so within a few minutes you can have a room full of people discussing and sharing your topic.

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