Dating in saudi arabia

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Dating in saudi arabia

), also spelled Tabouk, is the capital city of the Tabuk Region in northwestern Saudi Arabia. It is close to the Jordan–Saudi Arabia border, and houses the largest air force base in Saudi Arabia.

more One of the most common questions we get involve what basic things cost.It is a month during which adult Muslims who are physically able fast (abstaining from food, water, and smoking) during daylight hours.Non-Muslims need not fast, but cannot eat or drink in public.Rainfall in Tabuk Area falls in the winter months from November to March, and precipitation ranges between 50 and 150 mm, with some not uncommon snow every 3–4 years.The boundaries of Tabuk region extends from the Saudi–Jordanian border in the north to the north of Al-Medinah Al-Munawwarah, and from the Red Sea on the west to the Hufa depression in the east.

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There are organized trips to historical sites, sports competitions, and other recreational activities.