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Section 117.107(12), Florida Statutes, provides that you may not be the notary for a transaction in which you have a financial interest or to which you are a party.

And, a Florida notary may not marry a couple who has obtained a marriage license from another state. The Notary Section receives frequent inquiries about "notarizing a person's signature by subscribing witness." Evidently, some notaries believe that it is permissible to notarize a signature when the person is not present if someone who witnessed the signing of the document appears before the notary and swears that the person actually signed the document.Florida law prohibits a notary from notarizing any signature if the signer is not present at the time of the notarization. When notarizing a signature, a notary public must always certify the type of identification relied upon, either personal knowledge or other form of identification produced.This can be done as part of the main wording in the notarial certificate or at the bottom of the certificate.Florida law actually requires notaries to refuse in some situations.In other situations, notaries either should or may refuse to notarize. The rubber stamp notary seal has created problems for surveyors and others involved in subdivision platting.

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Some states, like California, do, in fact, allow such notarizations, but Florida does not.

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