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Dating website oak creek wisconsin

The prolonged crystallization, followed by glacial exposure, was a unique sequence of events.When exploited, it took man from the stone age to an industrial world.The oxhides are all brittle “blister copper”, with voids, slag bits, and oxides, created when the oxhides were made in multiple pourings outdoors over wood fires.Only Michigan Copper is of this purity, and it is known to have been mined in enormous quantities during the Bronze Age.Carbon dating of wood timbers in the pits has dated the mining to start about 2450 BC and end abruptly at 1200 BC.

The copper had been crystallized in nodules and irregular masses along fracture zones a few inches, to many feet wide.This was called “float copper”, as it appeared that it had “floated” to the surface.Nodules of copper were discovered shining in the surf along the shores of Isle Royale.He was married in 1977 to former Suzanne Winslow Mygatt Ph D, now a retired high school counselor.He has done real estate construction and development, and was president of small property management and research organizations.

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There are a number of places in the world where copper can be found in small deposits in the pure state, but it is usually embedded in a rock matrix, from which it must be freed by intensive labor, or, today, crushed in huge volumes, and treated to obtain the metal.

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