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To got his big break in the popular television serial My Date with a Vampire, and in 1999 his work in the sequel won him an ATV Best Supporting Actor Award.Feeling he was worth more than what ATV was offering him, To left the studio in 2000.My strategy has always been very simple - to push myself to be a better person each day, to remain calm and confident, and to only focus on myself.It's only human that in an intense competition with 15 extremely accomplished girls, there will be days that you feel low and tend to compare yourself with others.Shortly thereafter, he got a job co-hosting a radio program with Sandra Ng, which is now one of the most popular shows on HK Commercial Radio.To began his movie career around 1999 and it gradually snowballed from there.

Who was your role model behind stepping into the world of beauty pageants?Straight out of college, my first start up focused on social development.So creating a positive change around me has always been important to me, pageants or not.Tos film career got its biggest boost when he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Hong Kong Film Award for Infernal Affairs (2002).He also found time to appear in the provocative online series 20/30 Dictionary, in which he shares some intimate scenes with his male co-stars. A two-part biography titled The Goodson, which details Tos turbulent youth and early years as a struggling actor, was published in August of 2003.

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How do you plan to spend this year of your life as a beauty queen?