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But what really converted him to her way of thinking came soon after watching her getting gang-banged by some Mexican teens in Mazatlan, where they spent their first vacation. Later she would suck and fuck all seven of them before her husband.

She would even encourage her husband, as prudish as he was, to watch her and other men or women during these sessions. And with her looks, she would never have any problem seducing anybody that she wished. But as time passed, John Derek found it quite pleasurable to watch, as his young wife would indulge in her sexual escapades before him.He wanted to hear her scream when his stiff cock pushed into her ass. He kept fucking this movie star as hard as he could.With each thrust forward, he would be pushing her against her Hombre husband.Bo loved the feel of the two cocks as they fucked into her in unison.She could feel them rubbing through the thin membrane that separated her two holes, as could they.

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When he opened his eyes again he could see that yet another of the boys had taken position behind Bo. John was about to stand up to stop him when he felt Bo’s hands pushing him back down in his chair.

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