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Nicholas lemons dating

In "Bleeding Love" the turn around from the common I, vi, IV, V (F, Dm, Bb, C) progression used exclusively up to the bridge for both verses and choruses shifts to focus on the relative minor: vi, IV, I/V, V (Dm, Bb, F/C, C).Mc Cartney wrote the song about his longtime girlfriend, and said: "I kept thinking about being in love so much that it hurts.Any time we are making out and my heartbeats starts to race or my breathing gets heavier I can guarantee that there will be an interruption by one of his brothers and even now Sol is getting in on it.

"Bleeding Love" was written by Ryan Tedder and Jesse Mc Cartney for Lewis's debut studio album, Spirit (2007).

"Bleeding Love" is a pop song with R&B undertones set in the key of F major. The album version runs for four minutes and twenty-two seconds and the radio edit runs for four minutes and one second. "Bleeding Love" is constructed in the common verse-chorus-bridge song pattern.

It employs a church organ which is audible throughout the song until the bridge.

The song employs a harmonic shift beginning at the bridge.

A harmonic shift or harmonic variety generally identifies most song bridges.

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Synthesized strings are also prominent throughout the song, which intermittently integrates wood block percussion throughout the track.