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Pagdating sa dulo

The way we see it now, he may have been worried that Ishmael’s acerbic kind of wit would not be all that easy for ordinary local moviegoers (used to more slapstick stuff, perhaps) to relate to.

” Virgo, by the way, was the production company of “drama king” Eddie Rodriguez.

After making his last film, “Wating,” an action movie which is at the same time an attack on the religious establishment, he decided to quit filmmaking.

He turned to theater and directed plays for the militant mass movement while occasionally making television commercials…” – Alexander Martin Remollino, (READ MORE) Bernal and Rodriguez – “…After he got back from India, Manila’s art scene reverted to its “normal” state of inspired insanity, and he went about trying to get his movie produced.

He is also out of the few major local directors to have covered the broadest range of film genres and theme with varying levels of success, from the historical drama, like the Bonifacio episode in the unreleased multi-million peso omnibus Lahing Pilipino (1976), to the disco musical Good Morning Sunshine (1980) and the personal, experimental films Nunal sa Tubig and Himala…” – Mario A. – “…Direk Joey has fond memories of the legendary Bernal whom he worked with as screenwriter for ‘Pahiram ng Isang Umaga” in 1989…Since I was a screenwriter during the Second Golden Age of Philippine cinema, I met Bernal, along with Lino Brocka.

The only script of mine that Bernal directed, “Pahiram ng Isang Umaga,” won for me my first Urian (critics’ award) for Best Screenplay.

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Ishmael’s brilliance, wit, loquaciousness and volatility had impressed Eddie, and he agreed to produce the first Bernal opus, which was meant to be a “loving” satire on the city of Manila.