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They used automatic weapons, but never fired a shot during the heist.It is thought that the robbery was an inside job because the criminals had prior knowledge of an unlocked gate, construction work at the airport, and arrived immediately after the diamonds had been unloaded.After the terrorist attack, thousands of videos and pictures of the event were taken which helped police find the culprits.

The heist was carried out after the men accessed the airport through a hole created in a security fence.

The men also showed knowledge of how to quickly work the plane’s hatch and had military training.

The heist occurred during a five minute window in which the diamonds were being transported to the plane.

After breaching the airport fence, the criminals, who were dressed like police officers, drove two vehicles directly to the area where the a Brink’s armored van was moving diamonds to the plane.

In 15 minutes, the robbers loaded 130 bags of diamonds into their vehicles and left.

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This has caused some people to express concern because exposure of the tapes could help find the diamonds.

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