Quotes about dating a musician

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Quotes about dating a musician

Technique plays a part and is the one thing you can learn at music college, but it clearly isn’t everything.

Some powerful conductors of the past – like Tennstedt, Klemperer, Rostropovich – seemed to do no more than quiver: you could barely read the beat, it looked like swatting flies.

It’s the music.” Warming to his theme, he would say that conducting had little to do with what happened on the platform.

“Conductors are paid to think, and that’s what the job should be about – sitting at home thinking, 'What is this piece? ’” Watching Davis in rehearsal was to see his argument in action.

Lousy timing for a man who was, in most respects, a master of that art.It becomes an exercise in listening.” It is perhaps no accident that Davis’s non-confrontational approach is standard practice now among the young generation of conductors in this country: a generation whose success owes more to coaxing than coercion.Daniel Harding put early accusations of high-handedness behind him, and has matured into a keen, intense but approachable figure.Sir Charles Mackerras used to talk of “emanation”: sending messages on terms beyond the physical.Charisma, leadership and will power are perhaps alternative expressions. I sometimes went to visit him in the imposing Georgian house at Highbury Fields, north London, that was his home for half a century; and the recurring theme of our conversations was that, in his past, he had got the business of conducting wrong. He had been, he said, “a furious young man with personal problems and unbridled temper” that encouraged stormy dealings with the orchestras he ran during the 1960s to the 1980s.

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But Davis’s distinguished life – in the course of which he graduated from a prickly firebrand to a thoughtful, magus-like philosopher-musician – throws into relief two different models of what mastery means within the world of power, control and human chemistry that is conducting.