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In the third episode Joan and Greg host a dinner party for Greg's boss and colleague, it is revealed that during surgery Greg had gone wrong - Joan oblivious to the news until the dinner party is forced by Greg to sing an Americanized French version of the song C'est Magnifique on the accordion.Managing to stay cool and collect during her rendition Joan stares disappointingly furious at Greg.Greg is first seen in the episode "For Those Who Think Young".Roger calls Joan into his office to quiz Joan on when Greg will ask her to marry her, and their should be an expiration date on how long she's willing to wait, in a rather suggestive manner.("Souvenir") Here she mentions to Pete that Greg is now going into psychiatry.This prompts Joan to make a call to no other than Roger Sterling.As the season progresses we see Joan act as the number one place for advice, especially for the young women at the office.The subject of the pill is introduced when Joan sends Peggy over to her OB/GYN, Walter Emerson.

("The New Girl") We see more into Joan and Paul's fiery relationship when they clash over Paul's new girlfriend, an African American woman named Sheila White, to which she comments, "The last thing I would've taken Paul for is open-minded." and to retaliate Paul posts a xerox of Joans drivers license to the staff notice board revealing Joan is in fact in her thirties, to which she retaliates by letting Paul know he will not be joining Pete Campbell on a trip to California (a trip Paul was very much looking forward to) and instead letting him know Don will be going in his place.Asking her about it she replies that its because shes worked for him for nine years, revealing Greg doesn't know about the relationship between Joan and Roger.Greg then asks Joan to fix him a drink in Dons unoccupied office, he follows her in, locks the door, forces her onto the floor and rapes her. ("The Mountain King") During the gap between Seasons two and three, Joan and Greg have married.("Flight 1") ("The Inheritance") Much to Joan's dismay Roger takes up with Don's new secretary Jane Siegel, after Roger gave Jane her job back after Joan fired her for breaking into Bertram Cooper's office.("The Gold Violin") In the middle of the season Joan is torn between wanting to be a well-off housewife one day with a family and being a bored, lonely housewife, however her feelings are apprehended when Harry Crane gives her additional responsibility by reading television scripts in order to determine ad placement.

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Founding and Junior Partner and Accounts Executive at Sterling Cooper & Partners (current) Director of Agency Operations and Founding and Junior Partner and Accounts Executive at Sterling Cooper & Partners (former) Director of Agency Operations and Founding and Junior Partner at Sterling Cooper & Partners (former) Director of Agency Operations and Junior Partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (former) Director of Agency Operations at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (former) Sales Assistant at Bonwit Teller (former) Housewife (former) Office Manager at Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency (former) Little of Joan's early life is mentioned within the series.

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