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Unlike his predecessor, Skyball Scibelli spent several stints in prison as prosecutors became more aggressive with organized crime.

According to published accounts, he seemed a throwback in that he would grow wide-eyed at talk of "the syndicate" or the Mafia and continually groused about his sentences and the media attention surrounding them.

By all accounts, this marked the region’s enduring allegiance and links with the Genovese clan, reputed to be the largest, most feared and tight-lipped of New York’s five prevailing crime families.

“There was more of a sense of respect and honor back then.His business resume included an attempted murder in Connecticut and the knifing of a police officer in Springfield, news reports state.However, Sinischalchi was killed and Fiore wounded by a spray of bullets from two automatic weapons and a sawed-off shotgun in a drive-by shooting on Nov. Fiore’s close call became a moot point when he was shot to death in a South End barbershop the next year.Nor was the tongue-lashing that he and co-defendant Paul “The Penman” Cardaropoli received at their Holyoke District Court sentencing a half-century ago.Scibelli’s criminal record dated back to 1932 and included arrests for extortion, keeping liquor for sale and “gaming on the Lord’s Day,” according to historical accounts. We don’t want cheap ones or prosperous ones here, and we aren’t going to have them,” Judge William E.

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Miranda’s funeral procession included 22 flower cars, 147 limousines and a shower of rose petals dropped overhead by airplane, according to news accounts from the time.

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