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If the hostel has a laundry room there is a good chance it will be pretty quiet at night (because who wants to spend their nights doing laundry? Best of all, you can do your laundry at the same time!

Some hostels have room access that many people may not know about.

Americans tend to prioritize individual liberty, while Europeans tend to value the role of the state to ensure no one in society is in need. Majorities in all European nations polled in 2011 said guaranteeing that nobody is in need is more important. Similarly, Americans are more likely to say offensive statements about minority groups should be permitted. (53%) say religion is very important in their life, nearly double the share who hold this view in Poland, which registered the highest percentage among EU nations polled in 2015.

Religion is significantly less important to Europeans than to Americans. In France, only 14% consider religion very important.

I’ve stayed in 40-person rooms and I’ve stayed in 4-person rooms.

Trust me, you can’t hide anything in a small room but large rooms are usually loud enough that you might be able to make it work without disturbing others.

If you choose a more low-key hostel you might not find anyone too interested in hooking up in the first place.

There are actually scientific studies that say backpackers tend to be especially promiscuous, and that sexual activities while traveling are seen as “unconventional and adventurous” and “comprise an integral part of the adventurous ethos of the backpacking experience.” — but anyone who has traveled for more than a week or two could have told you that. The following tips will help you navigate these tricky waters: The most obvious answer is to suck it up and pay for a private room.I know the couches in the common room might seem like the ideal spot but there are people coming and going from these places at all times of the day.And the kitchen isn’t a great spot because I eat there.As mentioned before, staying in hostels is the easiest way to met fellow travelers.The inherent communal nature of hostels means you have a built-in network of instant and like-minded friends who are all looking to have a good time.

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It’s a recipe for some exciting times to say the least.