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Whether an accommodation is reasonable and whether an accommodation would present an undue hardship are fact-intensive inquiries.We do not know enough facts to say definitely one way or another whether the employer is required to ban all dogs (besides service dogs).”“From an HR perspective, the employer should continue to interact with the employee to see if some other modification would solve this problem.

It won’t make you popular with your dog-loving coworkers, but an accommodation like that is probably reasonable under the law.”“One accommodation that would work would be banning all the dogs (except service dogs) from the office.

Donna suggests working with your doctor to see what she suggests: “If there are allergy shots or other medical solutions, great. If the doctor can come up with some reasonable accommodations you can ask for that would address your allergy, the employer has to either grant the accommodation, engage in the interactive process with your doctor and you to come up with an alternative accommodation, or demonstrate an undue hardship.

But they may also be able to suggest some reasonable accommodations you haven’t thought of. Is there a spray or something that can be put on the dogs that would keep them from spreading allergens? How far away do you need to be for you to be safe from the dogs? If there is no accommodation that would allow you to work in the presence of dogs, then the other question to ask is of your employer, namely, whether the dogs are an accommodation for anyone else’s disability.

The nature of my job demands that I be in the office at least four days a week, I really have no wiggle room.

Even working from home one day a week has been a stretch and caused some negative feelings on my team, even though they hear me sneezing every 20 minutes when I’m there!

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It’s been 2 months and while I love the work, love the company and love my coworkers…I’m miserable.