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Sue bird diana taurasi dating

She’s also earned four gold medals as part of the U.

Who is the first person that comes to your mind when you think of the players playing for Seatle Storm? Being a popular name in the sports field, she has gathered herself fair amount of attention.

These days, rumors about Sue being a lesbian is firing up the media.

Sue Bird is a well-known athlete player who has successfully won the hearts of people by the skills she acquires in the ground.

Soccer’s most famous players, and has been out since 2012.

But at the same time ex-player Candace Wiggins declared 98% of the WNBA was comprised of lesbians who “bullied” straight players.

Although her bio states that she is a girl but she herself hasn’t revealed her sexual orientation publically.

However, there is a rumor in the air about her sexuality. by @naterobinson "I usually stay in my own lane but this was so uncalled for in so many ways...

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S Vs Japan game but at last, the game was in favor of U. On Wednesday, Sue Bird was given the good news that the injury was not a serious one and was only a knee capsule sprain and she will be good to go pretty soon. S made their way past France and played the Gold medal game against Spain on Saturday and as everybody hoped, they returned with a gold medal.

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