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Tattooed dating ohio

Getting positive proof is great; however, what it proves most of all is that scientists have too much time on their hands.

Else, how do they come up with all the following strange but true facts on animals?

Manson himself published a music album in 1970, re-issued as a CD in 2006.

Based on history, we know that many people in the old days were crazy, but we can look back from our vantage point in the present and laugh in their faces.

The following weird but true facts come from many periods in history, and the strange but true facts below serve to illustrate that historical man was almost as crazy as humans of today.

Released again in 1958, Manson was married again a year later, to a prostitute who went by the name Candy Stevens and who would remain his wife until 1963.

By then, Manson was already back in prison for violating his parole, and would remain there until 1967 when he was released at the height of the hippie era.

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Manson became obsessed with the Beatles, and embraced a twisted philosophy inspired by lyrics of the legendary group.

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