Updating wordpress theme

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Updating wordpress theme

Login to the admin area and go to Appearances Theme.You should see WP Bootstrap listed as one of the themes.Every once in a while, I’ll run across a site running on the Genesis Framework.Actually, it’s more than every once in a while, but what do you expect when so many people use Genesis?!The point is that you’re going to have a very difficult time customizing Genesis—and your site—if you don’t use a child theme.Once you’re done customizing your site, you want to protect all that hard work from being overwritten when we release an update to Genesis … Even when we’re not in an active development cycle, we’re still pushing updates to Genesis and preparing maintenance releases.

Your folder structure should now look like this: We’re now ready to go into the admin area and install our new theme.In this tutorial, we will learn how to make our own responsive Word Press theme using Bootstrap.Bootstrap is a responsive framework for building web sites and applications, and it’s a great starting point for building a responsive Word Press theme.You can choose a blog style layout or featured category magazine grid layout for homepage.The Theme is built with semantic HTML5 and CSS3 for modern browser.

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bootstrap-demo-source-code Now that we have a static HTML page, we’re going to move on to creating the main CSS page.